Access, Control, Scale:

The DSP for
the Publisher

Bring forward industry’s first Private-Label DSP, charged with outstanding Private Marketplace support, Audience Extension, Data Trading and open-RTB functionality.

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Simplicity, Redefined

Explore a new, exciting representation of supply and set the stage for an unprecedented level of efficiency and peace of mind. Manage demand partnerships, data sharing and RTB buys with an end-to-end solution purposely built for the modern publisher.

Engage your Data

As ad inventory is becoming increasingly liquid, audience segments are evolving into the new currency for internet advertising. Build, model and share your data segments selectively under Oscar DSP, while maintaining full control of permissions and usage levels.

Engage your Data

Capture and
share data in just

Start by understanding which content drives the audience your partners love. Simply tag that content to drive the audience into segments that you can quickly model and share with selected demand partners.

Your 360° view on
usage, performance and
data revenue.

Enjoy our industry-first “One Click” data permission functionality to immediately grant data access to selected demand partners. Monitor usage on each segment and charge on a CPM basis for all open-RTB buys your partners perform.

Simplified Modeling. Outstanding control.

Extend your inventory

Scale your inventory effortlessly and extend your reach exponentially with each known user. Extend your offering well beyond your existing traffic and into billions of RTB enabled ad impressions for video pre rolls, display or mobile.

Never turn down
an RFP due to
inventory or
targeting limitations

Segment your audiences and make them instantly accessible in a wider RTB environment.
Go from sold-out to Open-for-Business in just hours, while extending your reach into world’s largest premium inventory pools.

The Lighthouse
over what readers enjoy
across the web

Understand what your audience enjoys across thousands of internet touch points. Help advertisers deliver an unified message without the whole array of DMPs, DSPs and exchanges they’ve been using before.

Start a self-service channel

Open up your inventory for long tail demand with our self-serve module.

World’s leading publishers are trading over Private Marketplaces.

  • Wavescape
  • Cricket365
  • :24
  • Gumtree
  • SkyNews
  • Historia
  • Forbes
  • WWE Network
  • Garden and Home
  • Playboy
  • MoneyWeb
  • Rugby365

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