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Advertising Automation:

Discover Oscar - a bold new digital Demand Side Platform (DSP) that challenges the way Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers connect, across world's most dynamic trading infrastructure.

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Video, Mobile, Display:
One Dashboard

Oscar brings the refined simplicity that the ad industry expects, today. Engage with clean and responsive controls to create, optimize and deliver campaigns across all devices and into billions of RTB enabled impressions.

Private Marketplaces

Automate ad inventory sales with industry's first end-to-end solution that integrates flawlessly with your existing Ad-Serving technology or RTB architecture.
Explore a new, exciting representation of supply and set the stage for an unprecedented level of efficiency and peace of mind.

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The Agency
Game Changer

As programmatic evolves into the norm for media trading, execution becomes more than a differentiator. Oscar provides the framework that leverages your strategies, data and consumer know-how across all devices and world's largest inventory sources.

  • Strategy

    Our industry-leading Real Time Bidder will quickly grow into the backbone of your programmatic opperations, driver of growth and profit.

  • Execution

    A world-class infrastructure and team of professionals is ready to super-charge your trading executions - whether it's video, display or mobile, in New York or Beijing.

  • Delivery

    With a remarkably well connected engine, we leverage billions of daily opportunities towards future-proofing your businesses.

Re-Think Creative

Remove the bottlenecks of all creative processes, booking delays and technical confusion. Access hundreds of fully customizable, industry-specific templates with world's most advanced Display Ad Builder.

Smarter Buying With
The Tools That Matter

We're investing more into functionality that makes a difference for our partners.

  • Wide Angle

    Oscar provides the widest inventory visibility available for a DSP, with over 30 billion impressions in sight, every day.

  • Deal ID

    Establish direct publisher deals and buy with confidence, under pre-agreed terms over the RTB infrastructure.

  • Data Capture &

    Manage your first-party data collection and easily capture user behaviors that are searching, carting or buying.

  • Interactive
    Pre-Roll Builder

    Add interactivity to your video pre-roll ads the most advanced video ad builder available in the market today.

  • World Class

    With best in class infrastructure, Oscar is designed for large scale data processing, modeling and prediction.

  • Cost Plus

    Make your campaigns profitable from day 1, with a simplified Cost-Plus model and supporting customer reporting tools.

About ChargeAds

ChargeAds creates intelligent solutions for publishers, advertisers and agencies within the online advertising and marketing world. Our solutions unlock the latent and unrealized value of online ad inventory, online presence, reach and reputation. We help you get the most out of your ad buys, online investments and online opportunity.

ChargeAds currently serves advertisers and publishers from the United States,
Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

For press inquires please email press@chargeads.com

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